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Management Education in India

Our objective is to enhance the level of management education in India and to assist prospective students to select a quality management institute that meets their needs. We intend to:

(a) Provide management institutes, management faculty as well as management students with tools to make understanding of management concepts simple and easy.

(b) Convince management institutes to treat students as their customers and shift their focus from pure commercial interest to providing quality management education.

(c) Build a student franchise that rewards quality management institutes and punishes those institutes that put at risk the future of their students.

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Management Student Feedback

Management Education

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Our objective is to build a student franchise that rewards quality management institutes / business schools as well as offers suggestions to them to improve the delivery and transfer of management education. This can be effectively done through constructive feedback from the students themselves. If management institutes do not take corrective action to improve, it is obvious that prospective students will not select them to pursue their management education. This will cause them financial loss forcing them to treat the student like a "King."

So, if you are a management student (MBA, BBA, B.Com, BBM, MASSCOM or pursuing any other management degree, diploma or certificate course), we urge you submit / post your student feedback here. Your feedback will:

  1. Inform the management institutes / business schools as to what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong so that they can enhance the delivery of management education in their management institute or business school.

  2. Assist prospective students to make an informed decision while selecting the management institute / business school to pursue higher management education after taking into account feedback of students who are already studying in the management institute / business school or who have studied in it in the past.
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Management Student Feedback
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Articles, Blog & Management Journal Avinash Narula is a prolific writer on a wide variety of management subjects. He has written five books and is currently working on another book. He shares his thoughts through articles and management blog are ideal for students and teachers of management. Article *Blog* Management Journal

You are invited to visit the largest store in the world on the subject of management. Here you will find reminder tools, teaching aids and learning aids including innovative gifts, interesting books, creative posters, unique coffee mugs, pen stands, and online training programs on a variety of management subjects. We plan to continuously add new items.
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Management Student Feedback

We intend to build a comprehensive database of management institutes that provide management education. Ultimately, our objective is to provide comprehensive information about the institutes so that prospective management students can make an informed decision as to which management course they would like to pursue which institute they would like to pursue it from.

A wide range of teaching aids are available as follows:

  MBA colleges Management Case studies
  Management Education Management Books
  Business schools Management Posters 
  Management Institutes Management Video/CDs
  Management Education Online Management Programs
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We offer blended online Certificate programs as follows:
  Management Student Feedback Customer Mathematician Certificate Program
  Management Books Unhappy Customer Stock Broker Certificate Program
  Management Education Customer Iceberg Patrolman Certificate Program
  Business schools Story Teller Certificate Program
  Management Articles Advertising Material Developer Certificate Program

These programs are cost effective and relevant for the success of management students in the real world. In addition, they strengthen the resume of students which will assist them in distinguishing themselves from others while seeking employment opportunities.
Management Education
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Avinash Narula has created focused websites on different topics of management. You can visit the following websites:

www.customermath.com : Largest portal in the world  devoted to the topic of customer satisfaction and retention.

A portal of management training and seminars.

This website is devoted to the 80/20 rule of communicating ideas effectively through presentations and in written form.

This website is devoted to advertising and how to create creative advertising and promotional collaterals.

This website is devoted management poster on a wide variety of management concepts. Posters are a great learning and a reminder tool.

This website is devoted to management case study on Indian companies.

This website is devoted to Second Management Opinion consulting services.

This website is focused on providing corporates with gifts with a management and/or motivational message. These gifts are also great learning tools.

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